Thai Bodywork

Nuat Boran in Thai = Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Body work

the benefits of massage, yoga & energy work in one nurturing dance

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Continuing Education Courses

  • Learn from a master practitioner and teacher of Thai Bodywork with over 20 years experience.

  • Learn the Bodywork that has it all: stretches & range of motion, energy work & meditation, breathing techniques & rhythm, cross-fiber, compression, and more.

  • Learn more than the mechanics - learn the spiritual and cultural foundations of this ancient Buddhist healing art.

  • Learn more than a collection of moves - learn a flowing rhythmic, interactive dance.

  • Learn what you need to get started right and give a full-body treatment that is safe and effective for most clients.

  • Get detailed guidance in body mechanics to perform each move and the whole choreography with step-by-step visual and verbal cues, guided practice, and picture booklet.

  • Learn the effectiveness of using your whole body working with clients on a floor mat; then learn adaptations to table work.

  • Experience a different approach to bodywork as Robert works on everyone and guides exercises & meditations.

  • Even if you don't want to practice Thai Bodywork you can apply most of the elements to enhance other modalities.

CE Hours: All courses are approved by NCBTMB.  A “Certificate of Completion” is given.  Level 1 & 2 courses give 22 CE Hours (all that is needed in addition to 3 Hours of Ethics for license renewal in North Carolina).  The One-Day Introduction series gives 8 CE Hours for each day.  See the Schedule for a listing of scheduled courses and number of CE Hours.

Three course levels from Introduction to Advanced.  Level 1 and Level 2  are three-day courses giving 22 CE Hours.  (Note that Level 1 is prerequisite for Level 2.)  A series of three One-Day Introduction courses are also taught that cover the same material as each day in the Level 1 course.  All are taught in several locations and schools in the Carolinas and Georgia.  See the Schedule for a listing.


Class Size is limited to 16 in order to give adequate supervision for this work which is very new and different for most students.  So register early!


Disclaimer: You cannot master Thai Bodywork in one weekend.  Both Levels One and Two and lots of practice are required to be fully competent.  You must practice, practice, practice to get the sensitivity, control, and flow that is both safe and effective and imparts the confidence in clients for them to really let go and receive the healing work.  To help you, guided follow-up practice sessions are available and announced exclusively to students from these courses.


The Courses


One-day Introduction Series: Each one day corresponds to day 1, 2, or 3 of the Level 1 course (see below) and follows the sequence described in the Level 1 booklet.  A student may take one, two, or all three one-day workshops, but they must be taken in order.  Note that it takes all three days to be the equivalent of the Level 1 course.  (After taking the first One-Day Introduction one may take the Level 1 course with a fee reduction.)  Each one-day course gives 8 CE Hours.


Introduction to Thai Massage: Equivalent to the first day of the Level 1 course and follows the sequence described in that workshop booklet: the principles of how Thai Bodywork works, the essential attitude of the practitioner, and the main techniques, followed by a  basic treatment sequence for supine position.


Introduction to Thai Massage 2: Equivalent to the second day, beginning with a review of the first day, then continuing the sequence in the booklet with side lying and prone positions.


Introduction to Thai Massage 3: Equivalent to the third day, continuing the sequence with sitting position, then a guided review of the entire form on the floor and then on the table.



Level 1 (Nuat Boran / Thai bodywork) presents the Thai attitude and approach to bodywork, including the cultural and spiritual foundations which are essential to understanding this modality.  Participants learn the techniques for stretching, range of motion, cross-fiber, and meridian work and a basic sequence for treating the whole person in supine, side-lying, prone, and sitting positions.  In addition, meditations and breathing techniques are shown that can enhance any bodywork.  The style taught is similar to that practiced in Chiang Mai (“Northern style”) enhanced with elements from other styles and Robert's 20 years of experience.  The workshop is very experiential with lots of guided practice and help with body mechanics, first on the floor and then on the table.  An instructional booklet prepared by Robert with pictures of all the moves is included. This is a 3-day workshop giving 22 CE Hours credit.



Level 2 (Nuat Boran / Thai bodywork 2)  focuses on identifying and using the movements and “sen” (energy meridians) to treat specific areas, especially hips, low back, abdomen, and shoulders.  Using the same outline for a whole–body treatment used in the first workshop, we look at the uses of each movement and “sen” and insert more movements into the outline to better treat certain areas.  Attention is given to improving the practitioner’s body mechanics and rhythmic flow.  Application to a table and a chair are included. This is a 3-day workshop giving 22 CE Hours credit.



Note: Level 1 is prerequisite for Level 2.

It takes all three of the One-Day Introductions to be the equivalent of Level 1.